yo. i'm asexual and my name is makayla but you can call me mak or whatever you want to call me (just not anything mean!) i'm 19 and i’m a very outgoing person who likes (loves) anime, larry, phan, ereri, gallavich, jeanmarco, and anything else that appeals to me. i like dan's square hair.

  • As a little girl growing up in Southside Jamaica Queens, if anyone would’ve told me I’d have my own perfume one day, and be able to inspire young black girls everywhere, to go into Macy’s or Nordstrom’s and see their face staring back at them - I wouldn’t believe them.

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  • did you know that bashing my music taste increases your chances of changing my opinion by 0%

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    We have an extra week of Dan and Phil this month whee!

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  • Phil still hasn’t forgiven Dan for Nick haha (via bloodsexandrocknroll)
  • "my new bff Ariana Grande"
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  • "Phil: do I have toothpaste around my mouth?
    Dan: *checks* you don’t have any seeds in your teeth"
  • "I looked like Adam Lambert and Shrek’s lovechild this time last year"
  • do it Phil, you’d look hot with a nipple tattoo (via bloodsexandrocknroll)
  • "Phil: i’d get it so it’s beak covered my nipple
    Dan: that’s a fantastic mental image you gave all of us, thank you"